Video Chat for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Webinar

What You’ll Learn in this On-Demand Webinar?

  • The rise of mental health and the important stats and facts that support this trend.
  • Rise of shortages in mental health support within rural communities.
  • The difference between the current traditional model vs. the new innovative model incorporating technology.
  • Video telehealth and new billable codes coming in mental health and what can be billable today.
  • Video counseling opportunities in key areas and how to grow and expand business and support in rural and other demographics.
  • Substance abuse and mental health: eye-opening facts of the opioid crisis.
  • How to positively impact relapse rates and save lives.
  • Learn about the difference between traditional substance abuse treatment plans and the new innovative treatment model (Video Hotlines, Video Admissions, Video Counseling Pre and Post Rehab).
  • Learn the impact areas of readmission and relapse rates.
  • How does video telehealth work?

Webinar Host

Carrie Chitsey Wells, a native Austinite, is a digital technology innovator currently on her 7th company. She is nationally recognized as Top 50 Healthcare Technology CEO’s of 2019, Top 100 Female Founders, Top 50 Mobile Experts, and Top 40 Under 40 Marketing executives.

She is extremely passionate about mental health and the opioid crisis. This led her to start the non-profit Humans Helping Humans and expand her podcast “Executive Innovation Show” to gain awareness. She calls Austin home and bleeds burnt orange. Hook’em!