Pediatric Telehealth 

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Benefits of Pediatric Telehealth (Parents & Providers) 

Telehealth Increases Billable Revenue Blue

Increased Bill Revenue

Pediatric practices can earn a great ROI in only  two patients per month/per provider. Get paid for after hours phone calls by moving them to video pediatric telehealth.


Patient Convenience

Busy working moms are making healthcare decisions based on convenience in selecting a provider that offers pediatric telehealth. Stop losing appointment types to walk-in urgent care clinics.

Telehealth Provider Experience Blue

Physician Experience

Our 100% browser-based pediatric telehealth technology creates an unrivaled experience for both patients and providers. Access our platform right from their mobile device without any pediatric application downloads.


Expand Your Reach

With access to a pediatric telemedicine platform, providers can expand their service offerings to those that live in rural areas, schools, or referrals.

Pediatric Telehealth Platform Features


Mobile Portal

Problems with pediatric patients can arise at any time. We give you three different ways to connect with patients, all without any app downloads. Having a mobile portal allows you to bill for after-hour appointments, weekends, and extended hours clinics.

One Touch Text Link

Move your current after-hours answering service process from an audio call to “The doctor will text you a pediatric telehealth link.” Increase billable revenue, on an average of $150K a year per provider.

Patient Routing System

Group pediatric providers based on specialty and skill within your telehealth program. Provide on-demand and instant routing for after-hours and weekends on your network.

Image Capture

Have the ability to take in-video 4K images to document in your EHR, whether NPs for providers to review, or store and forward patient progress.

Best Practices of Telehealth Implementation White Paper

Consumer demands for shopping, customer experience, and instant gratification have changed. Time has become the most crucial asset in people’s lives, weighting higher than price. The increase and “mainstream” of telehealth can no longer be ignored. Regardless of generation, if a patient is given a choice to fight traffic and load the kids in the car vs. staying home for a video telehealth appointment eight times out of 10, they will choose telehealth.

What’s in the White Paper?

  • What statistics are driving patient demands for telehealth? ​
  • How to transition to patient-centered care, beyond four walls. ​
  • Understanding the benefits of telehealth by specialty medicine. ​
  • What differentiates telehealth vs. video conferencing? ​
  • Practical Guide to Implement Telehealth in < 30 days ​

Understanding the Benefits of Telehealth in Hospitals

One of the most important aspects of implementing telehealth is its ability to provide proactive and convenient care. By using a true video telehealth platform, you can increase physician and patient experience.


Pediatric Telehealth: How It Works  

Telehealth services for pediatricians allow you to provide care for children faster, providing great convenience for busy parents. When a health care need occurs, parents would prefer to talk to their pediatric practice for telehealth vs. a consumer-based telehealth random pediatrician if given a choice.

Our 100% browser-based platform allows you an instant connection with parents without having them drive to urgent care, downloading a third party application, or sitting in the emergency department.

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