Pediatric Telehealth: Virtual Care In Time of Need  

The Benefits of Pediatric Telehealth

As pediatricians, you have both children and their guardians as clients. Pediatric telehealth is more than a solution, it provides you more flexibility, accessibility while improving patient outcomes. Have the ability to provide pediatric telehealth care to your patients, anytime and anywhere. In some cases, regular communication is necessary and emergencies arise. Telehealth provides all the features necessary to mitigate all of these potential issues that could arise plus increase your overall revenue. 

According to HealthcareITNews:

  • An independent study commissioned by a pediatric virtual care company found that 92% of pediatricians and clinicians believe that telemedicine will remain part of health practices in the future. 92% 92%
  • Virtually all of the 787 pediatricians and clinicians who responded to an online survey reported currently using a telemedicine platform, with 96% saying they offered telemedicine during regular business hours. 96% 96%

Key Platform Features for Pediatric Telehealth

 A comprehensive pediatric telehealth platform goes beyond 1:1 reactive video calls. You must have critical features that allow for maximum reimbursements AND operational efficiencies. In addition, it must allow you to expand your reach to service partnership collaborations with daycares, schools, primary care, and hospitals. 

Web Patient Lobby

Adding a white-labeled telehealth digital patient lobby to your website can be done in as little as 5 minutes without IT resources. This allows you to have a virtual pediatric care presence without investing millions in physical locations to route patients to the right provider or nurse, anytime and anywhere. 

Visit Room Management

Bring in your internal clinicians or allow parents or guardians in different locations to the telehealth visit. Save time and resources to provide collaboration on the video call, reducing follow-ups and miscommunication. 

Teleoncology Web Patient Lobby

Intelligent Routing

Send your patients to a specified care team member based on condition and symptoms. Guide your patients/guardians through the entire video journey, from the front desk to the checkout without leaving the video consult. 

Image Capture

Pediatricians can see up close high res images of injuries or any anomalies that need visual diagnosis. Especially important and useful for keeping patient files with store and forward.  

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