Telenephrology: Provide Nephrology Virtual Care Anytime, Anywhere

The Benefits of Telenephrology

Telenephrology provides an opportunity for nephrologists to provide kidney care education to ESRD patients. In addition, with dialysis patients craving more convenience and home dialysis care, this allows nephrologists to provide the same level of care vs. in-person. Utilizing telehealth for nephrology has been deemed to be a win-win situation for both patients as well as providers. Providers find it provides them with less windshield time and the ability to serve patients regardless of them being in the hospital, nursing home, at home, or in a chair at the dialysis center.

“In-center dialysis units can now be sites that perform telehealth visits for the monthly capitated payment, which, before COVID-19, was only allowed in Critical Access Hospitals.”

Gaurav Jain, Masood Ahmad, and Eric L. Wallace

Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Key Platform Features for Telenephrology

A comprehensive telenephrology platform goes beyond 1:1 reactive video calls. You must have critical features that allow for maximum reimbursements AND operational efficiencies. In addition, the platform has to be simple to connect for both the patients and providers (2-clicks or less). 

Care Collaboration

Managing a chronic condition such as an end-stage renal disease takes a village. This feature allows you to add internal nurses, dietitians, and providers to video telenephrology visits while adding outside parties such as caregivers and case managers. 

Teleoncology Web Patient Lobby

Intelligent Routing

To reduce hospital admissions, our intelligent routing allows dialysis patients to get immediate access to care, right from your own website with our digital lobby and intelligent routing. Route video calls, anytime and anywhere. 

Text Link

Whether a patient is at home or in the dialysis chair, send them a text link to instantly video with you. Allow quick connections for seniors, with 2 click simplicity to connect. 

Mobile Access

Have the ability to treat and answer calls from patients anywhere at any time. Have the power of our telenephrology platform right in your pocket. 

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