Teleoncology: Future of Virtual Cancer Care 

Teleoncology Benefits

Teleoncology offers more proactive touch-points while improving the quality of care for oncology patients. Telehealth for oncology for chronic care patients allow convenience and the ability to reduce hospitalization. By keeping those with compromised immune systems at home, you can improve the overall safety and health of the patient experience.

Key Platform Features for Teleoncology

In order to receive the maximum reimbursement, operational efficiencies and best patient care, oncology practices should utilize the most innovative features  in teleoncology.

Intelligent Routing System

Route patients instantly on-demand to nurses or oncologists anywhere, at anytime with just 2- clicks. Move phone calls to reimbursed video visits. 

Care Collaboration

Cancer care is a team effort, it requires collaboration with providers, care teams and family members. Our care collaboration feature, gives you the ability to securely add the necessary parties to the telehealth consult. Keep everyone in the loop on the cancer care plans.

Teleoncology Web Patient Lobby

Web Patient Lobby

Add a white-labeled teleoncology digital lobby to your website in less than 5 minutes. Route video calls by visit reason the appropriate staff during and after business hours. 

Visit Room Management

The ability to mirror in-person workflows for video call transfer, add providers, or external caregivers to your secured visit room. 

Teleoncology: The Stats and Facts

  • % of Rural Counties That Have No Oncologist 66% 66%
  • % of Americans Living In Rural Who Say There Aren’t Any Cancer Specialists In Their Area 40% 40%
  • % of Oncologists That Practice In A Rural Area  11.6% 11.6%

According to the American Cancer Society:

Cancer patients and survivors can utilize teleoncology in the following ways:

  • Help managing medicines
  • Hints to help with nutrition
  • A teaching session about a new medicine or treatment
  • For consults with palliative care specialists or other professionals who can help manage symptoms and side effects (example, nausea and vomiting or pain)
  • Check-ups between treatments or after treatment ends
  • To discuss and help make lifestyle changes like diet and exercise, or help to quit smoking
  • A referral with a genetic counselor

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