The Executive Innovation Show in collaboration with One Touch Telehealth debuts the series “The Future of Pharmacy” with Carrie Chitsey and Ian Stone.

Ian Stone is the President and CEO of Respario and President of Pharmacy Health Network (3M monthly views). Ian conceived and launched Pharmacy Health Network, an out of home experience in retail pharmacies nationwide that is rapidly becoming a voice to consumers in the ever-changing pharmacy space. Prior to launching Respario, Ian led numerous cross-functional teams as the Director of Communications for The Freeman Companies and The Walt Disney Company, where he led creative and marketing initiatives around the world to promote Disney attractions, resort, software, and consumer products.

Listen in as we talk about topics such as:

  • Carrie and Ian talk about the healthcare landscape and the future of pharmacy. The pair discuss patient demands, the patient landscape, and the role of the pharmacist. Learn how these things have evolved over time and find out what patients are looking for next. Listen to get a clear understanding of the new patient demands for service and experience.

  • Learn how Baby Boomer’s wanting to age at home and value-based care is changing the role of the pharmacy. What has then done to the relationship between the patient and the pharmacy? How is this affected adherence, patient education and more?

  • Ian talks about how technology is changing in the pharmacy space via telepharmacy, virtual pharmacists and interactive displays. We discuss how using technology helps to give patients what they want when they want it.

  • How are we getting our prescriptions? Pharmacy delivery is becoming more and more prevalent. Hear how pharmacy delivery is impacting various pharmacy types and how technology such as video chat, can help patients with adherence and instruction.

  • Independent and community pharmacies are becoming more of a wellness destination in their community healthcare ecosystem. Ian speaks about the various services these pharmacies are offering such as blood pressure monitoring, nutrition, and diabetes training.

  • Digital transformation within the pharmacy space is leading to patients transferring the in-store pharmacy experience to their homes via wearables and other digital healthcare tools. We break down a recent survey given to pharmacists about the top trends they see coming in the next few months and years. What is #1 on their list? Find out.

  • Engaging patients with technology is helping pharmacies move from a transactional model to a wellness model. What are the top areas that pharmacists should look at when creating deeper engagement and relationships with patients? How can you increase revenue in higher margin services?

  • How can technology help rural patients? Listen in as we discuss new ways and technology uses that pharmacists can use to better serve this population. See how can pharmacies support long term care, skill nursing and nursing home facilities through telepharmacy.

  • When switching tasks constantly, pharmacist’s time is reduced by 25%. Listen as we talk about how technology works to limit the number of distractions and what are the solutions. Ian and Carrie speak to how this role is changing and some of the barriers pharmacists are seeing now.

  • Through a partnership with Pharmacy Health Network and One Touch Telehealth, we explain how using technology is helping pharmacies and pharmacists. From assisted selling devices to virtual pharmacies at home for adherence, there is a lot on the horizon for pharmacies to transform from a transactional model into a wellness model.

What role does the digital patient experience play into retail pharmacies and how is the change in consumer behaviors changing the healthcare landscape. Learn the key drivers, changes in landscape, impacts, and innovation. Want to learn more about “The Future of Pharmacy”? Sign up for our webinar here.