Newer and Better Patient Experience for Women

In this episode of The Executive Innovation Show Podcast, Carrie Chitsey speaks with Judy Gaman.Gaman is an award-winning author, speaker, and host of a nationally syndicated radio show. She is the CEO of Executive Medicine of Texas, a world renown luxury medical practice. 


Listen in on topics discussed during this podcast such as:   

  • Hear as Judy discusses why “multi-tasking” moms and women are more of a caregiver but drag their feet when it comes to their own health.

  • Since more women are now in the workforce than ever listen why patient convenience is so important. Why should healthcare providers take this into consideration as women are making appointments for their kids, husband and whole family.

  • Gen Z’s and Millennials are becoming new patients, especially in areas like primary care, OB/GYN and pediatrics, hear tips of what practice groups should be thinking about in acquiring and retaining patients. What digital technology is “table stakes” as communication channel preferences for new patients.

  • Will the Millennial generation have future healthcare issues due to the rise in going to retail clinics? With schedules piling up – Judy explains why convenience is the number one thing to bring in new patients.

  • As women and working moms are busier than ever, discover the new shift in the last three years within concierge medicine. Women have now started to use concierge providers more than which has been more male dominated historically.


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