Welcome to the Executive Innovation Show Roundtable, presented by One Touch Telehealth with your host Carrie Chitsey. During this Roundtable hear Dr. Sara Burdak (Chief Audiology Officer of Starkey Hearing Technologies), Michael Wahlster (CEO & General Counsel of ImPACT Applications, Inc.) and Justin Ross (Chief Technology Officer of MED-LOGICS, Inc) talk about “Medical Devices: Innovation & Training – Supporting Today’s Digital Patient”.

Dr. Sara Burdak is the Chief Audiologist at Starkey Hearing Technologies. Sara has been with Starkey for 20 years. She’s responsible for developing and aligning Starkey’s global audiology strategy as it relates to education and training programs, the Department of Veterans Affairs and customer and industry relations. She also supports audiology student initiatives and is passionate about the future of the hearing industry and promoting women in business. 

Michael Wahlster is the CEO and General Counsel of ImPACT Applications. Mike has been an attorney in large law firms, co-founded, operated and sold an online power sports parts business, and founded and operated his law firm for 10 years before joining ImPACT Applications.

Justin Ross is the CTO of MED-LOGICS, Inc. Justin has a background in Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, and Software Development. He manages the Product Development, Quality and Regulatory for the Ophthalmic Company.

Listen to our Medical Devices: Innovation & Training – Supporting Today’s Digital Patient Roundtables as we discuss

  • Dr. Sara Burdak talks about Starkey Hearing Technologies and their long history in the medical device industry, specifically hearing aids. Listen as she talks about the constant need for digital innovation and the revolution of the hearing aid over the years. She also highlights Starkey Hearing Technologies creation of a multifunctional, multipurpose hearing aid that can track activity and has fall detection through their new patient mobile application. 

  • Michael Wahlster, of ImPACT Applications, talks about how his company has made concussion testing more virtual. The concussion industry has changed dramatically over the past several years. From measuring if a patient has a concussion to treating that concussion, Michael talks about the changes in not only the methodology but also objective medical devices. With patient demand for access and concerns of the cost, Michael explains how ImPACT had to adapt to the industry through virtual and digital concussion testing through their multiple mobile applications. 

  • Justin Ross of MED-LOGICS, Inc. describes their journey within the ophthalmologist space. Having been around since 1992, he speaks how the change in technology has gone to more high tech devices. Justin discusses how MED-LOGICS, Inc challenges the status quo in the market and their success to come in the future. 

  • Within their new app, Starkey Hearing Technologies made it not just about hearing health but the entire ecosystem. Why was this done? Sara talks about how they got to the idea of the app and what factors led to its creation. By looking at other medical comorbidities to hearing loss, the innovative company created an entire ecosystem to help in other areas besides hearing health. They even have a translator in the hearing aid for 27 different languages! They are educating patients on hearing loss and making it adapt to patients digital lifestyle more. Hear Sara explain their thought process here. 

  • ImPACT Applications was faced with the challenge of making sure that their software could be more accessible. They solved this problem by making baseline testing available at home via a tablet or a smartphone with the app. Michael talks about how the healthcare world is changing so that patients have control over their scores and health information. 

  • In a now digital world, the guests speak to how training has changed across the board. From training sales professionals to training the physicians, listen as Justin details what he sees in his every day at MED-LOGICS, Inc. With distributors, health systems and sales professionals in many countries, how has video training become table stakes? 

  • All three guest talk about the critical role telehealth is playing in their patient engagement now and how it’s also used for training. With the average age of a patient dropping 10 years in the last decade, Justin talks about important it is to engage and teach younger patients. Patient education is critical even as a medical device company on providing patients options to manage their health decisions.

  • What is keeping these healthcare executives up at night? Listen to their answers here. From healthcare costs, lack of regulatory oversight, reluctance to change and more.


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