In this episode of the Executive Innovation Show, host Carrie Chitsey Wells talks with healthcare thought leader, Michael Swartz. Swartz is the president of MediXall, a healthcare marketplace platform that is designed for patient transparency in health costs.   


Listen for topics discussed on this podcast such as:   

  • The evolution of the healthcare consumer and patient demands for transparency and “cost shopping”. Why the shift?

  • What do millennials want from their healthcare provider and patient experience?

  • Why is technology needed to reach and communicate with today’s patients? What channels are the most effective?

  • Looking ahead to 2019: What’s on the horizon?

  • How can doctors use the patient experience to recruit Millennials and Generation Z patients?

  • Learn tips on how to make the patient journey simple, digital and transparent.

Learn more about MediXall and their strides in patient cost transparency.   

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