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During this podcast hear host, Carrie Chitsey, talk with Troy Keach, Vice President of Chief Human Resource Officer of HumanGood, and Lorenzo Ciacci, Chief Technology Officer at NurseGrid

Troy Keach is the Vice President of Human Resources for HumanGood, the largest California provider and 6th largest senior care non-profit company in the US, operating in 7 states.

Lorenzo Ciacci is CTO of NurseGrid, a cloud based and mobile oriented service that does shift distribution and management for Nurses, Nurse Leadership. Which can be implemented in just one department or a full Hospital. NurseGrid has 1.3M downloads in a community of 3M nurses Nationwide.

Listen to “Nursing Your Headache: HR Challenges in Healthcare” as we discuss the following: 

  • One of the biggest HR challenges within healthcare today is the nursing staff shortage. With high competition in the space, we talk with Troy Keach and Lorenzo Ciacci about what they are doing and the best practices they have found to hiring nurses.

  • With several different levels of nurses such as hospice, senior living and health systems, what areas in healthcare are having a difficult time hiring? Troy Keach describes his experiences within the Bay Area.

  • What has he heard from current nursing students about what they are looking for? His answers might surprise you. Lorenzo Caicci talks about how expectations vs reality aren’t aligning for young nurses graduating today.

  • As healthcare CHROs and CPOs around the country are running into this nursing staff shortage, what are some of the innovative practices regarding attracting and retaining talent? How are HR departments and talent acquisition teams gearing up for the war on talent? Listen to learn about the top innovative things you will be seeing over the next two years in this talent war for nurses.

  • How much will technology play a role in healthcare recruitment? Troy Keach explains how the first initial contact with a candidate needs to be quick describing today’s talent pool as “impatient”. He stresses the importance of using technology to communicate faster and reaching out via methods like text messaging. How quick is your speed to contact or speed to hire?

  • Are job boards causing more headaches for hr professionals with new algorithms to sift through quantity vs. quality? With the one-click to apply to multiple jobs, it’s making it harder for healthcare recruiters to sift through job applicants who actually read your job description and wanted to apply?

  • Lorenzo talks about the biggest challenges of scheduling historically for nurses. It has been manual and fragmented. Most schedules for nurses today are built in Excel, they are copied down on post-it notes, constantly changing due to callouts and time off. NurseGrid was founded by nurses to create easier scheduling.

  • Listen to Lorenzo as he talks about how NurseGrid solves scheduling headaches and increases retention for Chief Nursing Officers. How does scheduling contribute to nursing burnout? Carrie asks Lorenzo to break down the pressures of covering all shifts, swapping schedules and how doing this ineffectively can burn out your best nurses.

  • What innovative things are being done by Troy Keach and HumanGood to attract talent and have great employee retention?  Listen as he talks about what HumanGood does to grow and retain talent from within through certification. Hear his best advice for other healthcare CHROs?

  • As always, we ask Troy and Lorenzo what’s keeping them up at night. Listen to their answers here.


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