In this episode of the Executive Innovation Show Podcast, Carrie Chitsey speaks with Dr. Gordon Chen, the Chief Medical Officer at ChenMed. Physician. Advocate. Business and Thought Leader. As Chief Medical Officer at ChenMed, Dr. Gordon Chen plays multiple roles in the growing, physician-led, full-risk, outcomes-based medical practice that is transforming healthcare for the neediest populations.

Listen in as we talk about topics such as:

  • Hear about the backstory behind ChenMed and how they are transforming the “new” full-risk Medicare internal medicine healthcare model. After seeing the poor coordination within healthcare with his father, the Chen family of doctors decided they had to solve this problem themselves for other families with a new primary care practice model. Being a family of physicians, they saw healthcare from the patients’ point of view and wanted to help doctors communicate better. 

  • What is the difference between the fee for service and the full risk model? Dr. Chen and Carrie talk about the patient and practice group benefits of the full risk Medicare model and dive deeper into explaining exactly what it means. Learn how the full risk model allows physicians to focus better on the holistic view of patient outcomes. Do you make more or less money as a practice group in a full risk model?

  • How does implementing a full risk model or a value-based care model put pressure on physicians to bring patients to better health? Dr. Chen speaks to his experience of setting physicians up for success at close to 60 centers and helping to reduce hospitalizations by 40% to 50%. Hear the difference in doctor to patient ratios in full risk vs. traditional primary care models.

  • Carrie asks Dr. Chen to break down all questions we have about a full-risk model, including patient experience, office environment, specialty practices/referrals, physician experience, and work/life balance. Listen in to hear the amazing things you can do with ownership of patient outcomes in a full-risk model, hear all your questions answered on “how it works”. Dr. Chen takes us through a patients journey on a full risk model.

  • What kind of physicians are attached to work in a “patient-centered value-based care model”? Listen to Dr. Chen talk about the additional training required, mindset and how the practice is run with purpose.

  • What does the future hold for full risk models where you need to find operational efficiencies through technology innovation? Dr. Chen talks about how critical technology has been to grow their practice, how they’ve embraced it for patient outcomes. Carrie and Dr. Chen talk about the advantages in video telehealth for remote visits across clinics to reduce patient wait times and how telehealth plays a critical role in the last mile of remote monitoring to reduce hospital readmissions.

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