Welcome to the Executive Innovation Show Podcast, brought to you by One Touch Telehealth. During this podcast hear host, Carrie Chitsey, talk with Emily Tyson of Radix Health

As Senior Vice President, Strategy and Operations at Radix Health, Emily leads the company’s efforts to scale rapidly by creating a culture committed to improving patient access. Prior to joining Radix, Emily served as the Vice President of Product for naviHealth where she was responsible for the vision and direction of naviHealth’s product offerings across its health plan and health system businesses. Previously, Emily also held leadership positions at Curaspan Health Group and athenahealth. 


Listen to “Patient Demands for Convenience, Scheduling and Telehealth” as we discuss: 

  • Carrie sets the stage of this week’s podcast. From online scheduling, reduced wait times, and the use of telehealth, patients are seeking more from their healthcare providers than ever before. In the last 24 months alone, we have seen telehealth grow by 1400%. As consumers, it’s not just tech-savvy Millennials that are demanding more access and convenience from their healthcare providers. 

  • What is Radix Health seeing in the healthcare industry when it comes to demand generation and patient online scheduling? Emily Tyson talks about the significant increase over the last two years of practice groups having online patient scheduling. Emily predicts that all of the top hundred health systems in the country will have some form of online scheduling going into next year. 

  • How can practice groups and health systems blend the physical and virtual world (telehealth) from a scheduling standpoint? Listen as we talk about how online scheduling isn’t just a standalone marketing tool but an operations tool for the practices and health systems. When doctors can improve operations with patient scheduling and telehealth it allows for the blending of the physical and virtual world. 

  • Currently, practice groups on average are seeing a no show rate of around 20%. However, it gets much higher in areas like mental health where it can be as much as 60%. What are the drivers of no show rates and how can you use technology to reduce these numbers? 

  • Listen as Emily details the different ways that online patient scheduling can not only reduce no show rates but how the technology can help providers think about planning with actionable data. She states that “… technology is one piece of it, but the mentality and approach… the operational aspect is much bigger and that’s a key piece of it… to ultimately drive down those [no show] rates.”. 

  • There are many examples of why people don’t show up to their appointments. From transportation issues to busy schedules for follow up appointments, Carrie and Emily talk about the new partnership with Radix Health and One Touch Telehealth and how the two companies are working together solve this problem. Listen as we talk about how scheduling with telehealth can drive demand to the right places. 

  • In most specialties, the average appointment wait time is six to eight weeks. Couple that with the average patient logistical time of over two hours, with 5-7 minutes of doctor face time, practices need to be digital-first when thinking about convenience and patient satisfaction. Listen as Carrie and Emily talk about how the partnership in marrying demand generation, online scheduling and telehealth can provide the tools necessary for an increase in patient experience plus utilization. 

  • What can practice groups see for ROI? Carrie breaks down how telehealth as a standalone is seeing a ROI in just 2 patients/month/per provider. Typically, 30 days or less. Emily talks about how with Radix Health, you can have a 2% increase in utilization. Combine the two technologies and there is greater ROI for your practice group. 

  • So how does it really work? Emily and Carrie discuss the nuts and bolts of how it works connecting physical and virtual appointments (online scheduling and telehealth) both from the provider and patient perspective.

Want to learn more about One Touch Telehealth and Radix Health partnership announcement? Click the link.