In this episode of the Executive Innovation Show, host Carrie Chitsey Wells talks with Dr. Arun Mohan, Founder, and CEO of Radix Health, former Chief Medical Officer of one of the top 10 largest hospital groups with over 400 providers and 30+ locations. 

Listen for topics discussed on this podcast such as: 

  • Today’s patient is a consumer, how to think of patients as consumers first.

  • How patients “access” to care expectations and demands have changed?

  • Is the patient physical exam extinct?

  • What are Millennials looking for in patient convenience?

  • What is the cost of appointment cancellations and shrinkage to providers?

  • What should providers, practice groups, and hospitals be thinking about their roadmap?

  • The importance of online scheduling and video telehealth
  • How does online scheduling and video telehealth improve patient convenience.
  • Digital adoption and streamlining digital workflows to help retain patients.

About Radix Health

Radix Health has helped thousands of providers across the country acquire, retain and engage patients. They are committed to making healthcare work better by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Learn more about how Dr. Mohan and Radix Health are changing patient access to care.

Learn more about how to incorporate telehealth into your provider group by visiting our practice group page. Or download our newest whitepaper that has all the need-to-know information to get your telehealth workflows up and running.