Will Hospice Need to Innovate with the Silver Tsunami?

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During this podcast hear host, Carrie Chitsey, talk with Carla Braveman and Dr. Sheryl Neelankavil. 

Carla Braveman is the CEO of the Hospice and Palliative Care Association of New York State. Prior to joining the state association, Carla has been in executive leadership positions in health system based and freestanding home health and hospice agencies in multiple states. She has served on multiple national and statewide boards related to the field.

Dr. Sheryl Neelankavil is a surgeon by training and is currently the CEO of United Apollo International Inc. A global healthcare solution company which helps in bridging the gaps in senior healthcare. She is also the CEO of Epicc Vascular Miami and New York, serving the entire state of Florida and New York, for out of hospital, in-home, or in facility vascular access services. She is also the President of Blue Horizons Hospice Austin, the first smart hospice incorporating Telehealth communication.

Listen to “Will Hospice Need to Innovate with the Silver Tsunami?” as we discuss: 

  • Carrie sets the stage of the podcast. For Baby Boomers, the change of culture, cost of facility-based long term care, and technology adoption has created a huge increase in seniors wanting to age at home. How will facility-based vs aging at home take shape in the future? Listen as Carla Bravemen talks about what she sees within the hospice community of New York.

  • Dr. Neelankavil details what sees coming in the future for caregivers. Hear what she believes will happen with more Baby Boomers at home being looked after by their family.

  • What are some of the roadblocks and hurdles of the silver tsunami? Listen as Carrie and Carla discuss the current issues with insurance, payment structures and the burden that is placed on the caregiver. How can telehealth, RPM and caregiver support help with these roadblocks? Listen to examples and tips for your hospice agency.

  • What is “Console Connect”? Dr. Neelankavil details the innovative ways Blue Horizons Hospice is using technology to check on their patients, reminding them to take their medications and connect in-home with video telehealth through Alexia.

  • How do social determinants come into play when looking at support options for aging at home? Carla illustrates some of the creative ways insurance is responding to provide more hours of care and assistance.

  • Will Baby Boomers look to more communal home living situations in the future? What are other innovative ways health systems are looking at how Baby Boomers live?

  • Most of the time when executives think of telehealth, they think of reimbursement. But what are some other benefits of telehealth technology for hospice Medicare reimbursement models? How should healthcare executives be looking at telehealth from an operational efficiency standpoint? Hear Carla talk through these categories of savings and reducing anxiety for caregivers.

  • Beyond operational efficiencies, how does telehealth help the patient? Listen as Carla Bravemen and Dr. Sheryl Neelankavil recall their experience with telehealth and how it helped to improve patient satisfaction. Can telehealth improve your CAHPS scores?

  • With the shortage of hospice nurses in healthcare and the low unemployment rate, how will telehealth become a recruitment tool for nurses? Instead of running home to home, this palliative care technology allows them to reduce unnecessary visits and cut back on windshield time. Is telehealth a retention tool in the employer’s toolbox to give workers such as nurses, caseworkers, and physicians better work/life balance.

  • Is there a stigma around older hospice nurses and their ability to use technology. Carla Braveman explains why that is a myth and how not to count out hospice nurses when using technology, telehealth, smart devices, and mobile apps to handle day to day tasks with palliative care.

  • What is the future of hospice and telehealth for caregivers? Carrie lays out what she believes will be more concierge-type services delivered through telehealth. What opportunities lie ahead for third-party vendors connected to the hospice industry such as pastors, funeral homes, medical device companies and more?

  • What’s keeping Carla Braveman up at night? Hear her answers here.

Carla Braveman will continue to bring change as the CEO of the Hospice and Palliative Care Association of New York State. Stay in the know here

How will Blue Horizons Hospice Austin continue to innovate? Keep up with their journey and Dr. Neelankavil. 

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