Welcome to the Executive Innovation Show Podcast, brought to you by One Touch Telehealth. During this podcast, the host, Carrie Chitsey, has a round table with five Generation Z students from Anderson High School, here in Austin, Texas to hear directly from these Gen Z’s about all things healthcare! We dive deeper into their healthcare preferences for PCPs, how they like to be communicated with and more.

Listen to “Understanding Gen Z: Healthcare Preferences (Part 3)” as we discuss the following:

  • A lot is going on in healthcare right now. There has been a noticeable shift from going to your primary doctor with more urgent care and retail clinics popping up. You can even go to your local pharmacy to be seen for cold, sinus issues, etc. And now with healthcare technology like telehealth being accepted by private insurance, the landscape has truly changed.

  • What is Gen Z’s preference for seeing a doctor for minor ailments such as the cold or flu? Would they rather make an appointment with their local doctor and go to them? Or would they rather run into a retail clinic? Listen to their answers here. Are you losing patients to consumer-facing telehealth companies?

  • Where does these Gen Zs’ relationship stand with primary care physicians? Do they have one? We talk with these Austin, Texas Gen Zers and they discuss what they are looking for in a PCP. As digital natives, they are looking for online patient scheduling to telehealth.

  • During the live in-person recording, we discuss the healthcare preferences of Gen Z when it comes to after-hours. If given the option, they would rather communicate via telehealth with their PCP then going to local retail clinics and third-party apps.

  • What does Gen Z think about mental health? How should it be taught to students? Who should be the one guiding them on things like depression, anxiety, and dealing with suicidal thoughts? As a generation directly caught in the social media highlight reel era, how are they seeing mental health being handled?

  • Are schools teaching mental health to Generation Z students in the right way? Listen as we discuss how they feel. “I feel like if the school were to [teach about mental health], they themselves need to get educated.” How can we bridge the mental health condition education gap?

  • How can we understand Gen Z’s preferences for therapists? Is there too much of a stigma behind going to see a mental health professional? We get their sentiments on peer-to-peer video counseling.

  • Dive deeper into their thought process when it comes to peer-to-peer video support. How would they like to start the communication channel? Listen as they describe their ability to identify bots for real people.

That brings us to the end of this awesome three-part series, “Understanding Gen Z.” Take a listen to both part one (Communication and Hiring) and part two (Banking)! Subscribe to the podcast now.

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A special thanks to Anderson High School for allowing the students to participate.