One Touch Telehealth Platform Demo 

Provide a Top Physician Experience
  • Only 100% browser-based solution in the US

  • No EHR integration, plug into existing workflows 

  • No IT resources, CapEx, or hardware/software

  • 2-clicks simplicity to connect (physicians + patients), no downloads

  • Fully white-labeled anything patient-facing, add to healthcare organization website in 3 minutes. 


Why One Touch Telehealth Was Created?

To have the best patient and physician experience, video conferencing doesn’t work. We allow providers to practice medicine vs. being technical support. We’ve made our video telehealth SaaS platform affordable for even small medical practices. Most healthcare organizations see a positive ROI in only two telehealth patient encounters per clinician per month. Whether you are looking to provide your patients’ convenience or service population health to skilled nursing facilities, our telehealth solution has you covered for all scenarios.