Healthcare trends are driving pharmacy and telehealth innovation. Telehealth has become a staple of care during COVID-19. We move from a retroactive, fee-for-service to a proactive, value-based care model. 

In our “Telepharmacy: The Move from Transaction to Wellness” webinar we cover the role of telepharmacy in extending services to home care and other facility settings. We also look at the future patient-pharmacist relationship model along with the fatigue, burnout culture with telepharmacy. 

We also cover top ways to engage patients in the pharmacy. 


Create a Destination 

Provide solutions and support to create an environment both in and out of the store that makes your retail pharmacy a wellness destination vs. a transaction.

Engage & Empower

Create customer empowerment through choices and channels.


Education & Coaching

Promote and provide adoption of technology to broaden the reach in customer education, wellness coaching using digital technology. 

Service Differentiator

Gain a competitive advantage through customer service differentiation. Both through live interactions and the use of technology to reach multiple demographics both in-store and at home. 

With telehealth, the pharmacy industry is quickly moving toward the future.

Watch our on-demand webinar here.