What is Your Telehealth ROI?  

Increase Telehealth ROI by Utilizing Virtual Care 
  • Mirror In-Person Workflows, Reduce Touchpoints by 75%. 

  • White-labeled patient experience, web patient lobby added to your website in < 5 minutes. 

  • No IT resources, CapEx, or hardware/software

  • 2-clicks simplicity to connect (physicians + patients), no downloads

  • Intelligent on-demand patient routing system. 

  • Telehealth ROI on average 100% in less than 60 days. 

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Telehealth Re-Imagined: Virtual Care Anywhere It’s Needed

To have the best patient and physician experience, video conferencing doesn’t work. We allow providers to practice medicine vs. being technical support. We’ve made our video telehealth SaaS platform affordable for even small medical practices. Most healthcare organizations see a positive telehealth ROI in only 2 patient visits per clinician per month. Let us configure your telehealth platform as if you built it yourself, without all the headaches.