What is Telehealth White Paper: What is telehealth? As the increase of telehealth adoption continues, the widespread question of “What is Telehealth” echoes among the chambers of the healthcare industry. The word “telehealth” can have many different definitions and meanings often referred to as “telemedicine”. They are quite different and this White Paper will give you a deeper understanding of those differences. The future of digital healthcare is virtual care. 

We discuss the benefits of telehealth and why it’s NOT video conferencing, we touch on the practical uses of telehealth and its impact on patient outcomes. With the presence of COVID, we look at the introduction of telehealth within more healthcare systems, practice groups, and solo practitioners. We also look at how implementing telehealth services provide a competitive advantage. 

With our white paper, you will discover the ins and outs of telehealth and what it means for you and your physicians.

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