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Click. Click. Connect.


2-Click Simplicity | White Labeled Patient Experience 100% Browser-Based | Beyond 1:1 Video Calls
HIPAA Compliant 

  • Top Clinician Experience + 97%+ Patient Satisfaction Rate 
  • True virtual care workflow platform to reduce operational efficiencies and replicate in-person business processes. 
  • User interface designed for quick training of clinicians and to eliminate patient connection troubleshooting
  • Feature-rich platform with instant insights and analytics across the organization


Full Telehealth Demo Now! 

Telehealth 5.0 is Beyond Virtual Care

Our team has worked countless hours to rapidly provide you everything you need to keep patients safe and clinicians productive. While patient and provider experience is always our top priority, we’ve added enhanced features while keeping the simple user experience for the highest telehealth adoption rate

Telehealth Multi Party Solution

Multi-Party Connect

Add an unlimited amount of patients and providers.


Telehealth Secure Link Solution

In-Video Secure Link

Message in real-time with the other members in your video session.

Telehealth Patient Routing System

Patient Routing System

Instant content sharing in a secured, HIPAA compliant portal.

Telehealth Screen Share

Screen Share

 Share the contents of your screen with another participant.

Three Simple Ways to Connect with Patients

Telehealth Direct Connect Solution

Direct Connect

Directly connect with your patient from a personal, dedicated video phone number.

Telehealth Instalink


Share your secured direct link, providing you instantaneous connection with your patient.

Telehealth Solution Text Link

One Touch Text Link

Send an SMS text to patients or providers to instantly connect with one touch!

Simple Telehealth Platform

User Interface



1. Connection Meter

In real-time see the connection, frame rate, and bitrate of all parties. Know if you or the other party has a bad connection to prevent dropped calls.

2. Large Video Portal Screen

New user experience with larger video screen views.

3. Multi-Party Connect  + Screen Share

Manage controls such as sharing your screen to review labs + see other user availability in real-time to add them to the video call. 

4. Mobile Front-Facing Camera Flip

The ability for your patients/clinicians on mobile to flip camera to show your more specialized areas. Augment with screen capture for an ultimate experience.

5. Instalink

Ability to message patients in a video session, instructions, secured links to documents etc. Or message privately provider to provider.

What You’ll Learn in a

Live Telehealth Demo:

  • How it works from a patient’s perspective

  • Patient workflow: three options to connect 

  • Queue management: 1:1 and 1:many

  • Simplicity of use and training requirements

  • Capturing instant patient and provider feedback

  • Real-time “air traffic control” features 

  • Reporting and analytics dashboard