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Utilizing Telehealth For Chronic Care Management

Managing Telehealth For Chronic Care Management

Did you know that 3 out of 4 Medicare beneficiaries have two or more chronic conditions? As patients have become comfortable with telehealth, using telehealth for multiple chronic conditions, proactively has better outcomes.  By providing patients with PROACTIVE telehealth for chronic care management, you provide more access and better preventive care, you can save lives! With a simplistic patient and provider experience, our telehealth platform allows you and your care team to expand beyond the four walls. Implement video checkpoints for your care management program and get reimbursed for them.

Our Specialties

Telehealth Nephrology


Telehealth Oncology


Telehealth Cardiology



Treating patients at home is a necessity for those who regularly see a nephrologist. With the average patient and provider session being less than 10 minutes, it’s imperative to reduce prep and commute time for appointments. While not all appointments can be completed from the comfort of your own home, follow-ups and check-ins make the most sense. Our 100% browser-based platform is built to give your patients a simple and powerful way to connect.


Virtual Care

Connect patients with their physicians and clinicians virtually. Care for patients, follow up appointments and initial consults can all be done through video telehealth.

Telehealth Windshield Time

Reduced Windshield Time

Keep providers in one place, reducing fatigue from driving from office to office. Increase response time triaging with virtual care to prioritize in-person visits.

Telehealth Access To Care

Access to Care

Have rural patients? Provide face to face video telehealth from a distance. Increased touchpoints lead to healthier and happier patients.

Telehealth Proactive Care

Proactive Care

Provide more proactive care with telehealth for chronic care patients, non-compliant, and population health with social determinants.


Can cancer care become more personalized? With telehealth, you can offer more touchpoints while improving the quality of care for oncology patients. Telehealth for chronic care management is an effective solution when patients don’t necessarily need to come into your office. By keeping those with compromised immune systems due to chemotherapy at home, you can improve the overall safety and health of the patient experience.

Telehealth Operational Efficiencies

Operational Efficiencies

How can you see more patients and reduce labor costs? Telehealth allows you to see an ROI in just two patients! Allocate time and resources where they need to be.

Telehealth Patient and Physician Experience

Patient Experience

Give your patients a seamless and frictionless experience. No need to download apps or create accounts. Click. Click. Connect.


Reduce Response Times

Care for patients sooner. Need to check in on a patient? Are they having symptoms that need to be addressed? Connect instantly via our telehealth solution.

Telehealth Triage

Telehealth Triage

Prioritize who you need to see. With telehealth for chronic care, you can triage patients. Bring more severe and at-risk patients into your office, while seeing others from their home.


Practices across the country have been prioritizing telehealth for chronic care management. Many healthcare professionals are currently using this virtual care solution to provide their patients with better access to care. For those who specifically and commonly do not need to visit a hospital for an in-person exam, can be seen anywhere, at any time. This also allows the cardiologist to prioritize who he/she/they need to physically see and who they’ll need to touch base with.

Telehealth Patient Care

Patient-Centered Care

Improve patient-centered care with cardio patients. Reduce the stress of traffic and coming into the office. With telehealth, meet the patient where they are.


Telehealth Reimbursement

Reimbursement for telehealth is here to stay. Bill for after hour calls and increase your practice’s revenue. It’s easy to implement and scale.

Optimize Telehealth Clinicians and Staff

Optimize Clinicians & Staff

Increase staffing ratios virtually with centralized video telehealth case management. Group physicians and route patients’ video calls to the correct physician.

Telehealth Windshield Time

Reduce Travel Time

Reduce travel time and mileage for “anxiety” calls that can be taken care of without any time wanted.

Understanding the Benefits of Telehealth in Hospitals

One of the things we strive for with our telehealth platform is providing an excellent patient and physician experience. With telehealth you can reduce hospital admissions and provide patients long term care from their home. By using a true video telehealth solution, you give both parties the ability to connect without a mobile app or any additional logins. We break down all your questions in our latest white paper.

What’s in the White Paper?

  • What statistics are driving patient demands for telehealth? ​

  • How to transition to patient-centered care, beyond four walls. ​

  • Understanding the benefits of telehealth by specialty medicine. ​

  • What differentiates telehealth vs. video conferencing? ​

  • Practical Guide to Implement Telehealth in < 30 days ​

What You’ll Learn During a Live Demo of Telehealth for Chronic Care Management

  • We highlight some of the benefits of telehealth for chronic care management. 

  • Top implementation areas for chronic care. 

  • How to reduce physician windshield time. 

  • Ways to provide more proactive care to your chronic care patients

  • Learn best practices, tips, and ideas on where and how to prioritize your telehealth roadmap.

  • Learn how our telehealth platform is providing an excellent patient and physician experience.

  • With telehealth you can reduce hospital admissions and provide patients        long-term care from their home.