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The Executive Innovation Show’s healthcare podcast features top C-Level executives talking about the latest in digital healthcare and telehealth.

Telehealth Marketing

Growing Family Practice Groups With Telehealth

Hello everybody, and welcome to today's Knowledge Knugget brought to you by One Touch Telehealth. We're going to be talking today about growing family practice groups with telehealth. A lot of family practice groups across the U.S. Are trying to figure out the new...
Telehealth Marketing

Telehealth Marketing In The Healthcare Market

Hello everybody and welcome to today's Knowledge Knugget. We're going to be talking about telehealth marketing in today's healthcare market and how to market around telehealth brought to you by One Touch Telehealth. You've probably seen the news, there has been a lot...

Rheumatologist: Broader Access To Telehealth Specialty Care

In today's podcast, we're going to be talking about Rheumatologists and the broader access to telehealth specialty care brought to you by One Touch Telehealth.  We have an amazing guest with us today, Dr. Diana Girnita Founder and CEO of Rheumatologist OnCall direct...
Direct Orthopedic Care Featured Image

Orthopedic Care Direct to Patient

Orthopedic Care Direct to Patient Care In today's podcast, we're going to be talking about direct orthopedic care, brought to you by One Touch Telehealth. Our guest today is Dr. Daniel Paull. Dr. Daniel Paull, orthopedic surgeon and founder of Easy Orthopedics, the...
Rural Hospitals Telehealth

Rural Hospitals Telehealth And Reinventing From The Pandemic

ReInventing the Rural Hospitals Revenue Model from the Pandemic: Rural Hospitals Telehealth On today’s podcast show we’re going to be talking about Reinventing the Rural Hospitals Revenue Model during COVID and Telehealth in rural areas, brought to you by One Touch...
What Is Telemental Health

What is Telemental Health? Pre and Post Pandemic Use Cases

Hello everybody, welcome to this week's Knowledge Knugget of the Executive Innovation Show. We're going to be talking about what is telemental health, use cases during COVID, and breaking down how to reduce no-show rates during COVID while keeping folks safe in...
behavioral health organization

Best Practices in Scaling a Behavioral Health Organization with Gary Larcenaire

Behavioral Health White Paper.Welcome to the Executive Innovation Show Podcast, brought to you by One Touch Telehealth and Humans Helping Humans. During this podcast host, Carrie Chitsey, talks with Gary Larcenaire, the CEO of Valley Behavioral Health.  For three...

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Telehealth Company CEO

Healthcare Podcast Host: Carrie Chitsey

Carrie Chitsey is the Co-Founder and CEO of One Touch Telehealth and is known for providing mobile thought leadership, strategy, and marketing for leading Fortune 500 brands, startup companies, and Venture Capital firms on mobile technology innovation, planning, and strategic recommendations. 

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The Executive Innovation Show Healthcare Podcast with your host Carrie Chitsey brings you real executive conversations with leaders making changes far outside of the box. These executives are leaders in their space, industry experts, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Carrie leads them to talk openly about their thoughts on innovation changing their industry, their stories, their failures, success, and lessons learned. It’s not just a telehealth podcast, it’s a technology, leadership, and innovation roadmap.

Catch up on our latest telehealth podcasts on The Executive Innovation Show. From home health to mental health, we cover the topics you need to know and want to learn. This C-level podcast continues to give great insight into the world around us and how it’s changing every day.

Do you believe that you’re innovative? Listen to find out. These CEO guests lay it all out over the air and don’t hold back. Discover the driving forces behind change here.