Proactive Cardiology Beyond Four Walls 

Telecardiology Benefits

Telecardiology allows cardiologists to increase access to care beyond geographic limitations while providing more proactive care as the last mile to remote patient monitoring. Using telehealth in cardiology provides better patient outcomes while providing convenient chronic care management. 

Key Platform Features for Telecardiology

A comprehensive telecardiology platform goes beyond 1:1 reactive video calls. You must have critical features that allow for maximum reimbursements AND operational efficiencies. In addition, the platform has to be simple to connect for both the patients and providers (2-clicks or less). 

Care Collaboration

Managing a chronic condition such as heart disease requires a care team. This feature allows you to add internal nurses, dietitians, and providers to video telecardiology visits while adding outside parties such as caregivers and case managers. 

Intelligent Routing System

To reduce hospital admissions, our intelligent routing allows patients to get immediate access to care, right from your own website with our digital lobby and intelligent routing. Route video calls, anytime and anywhere. 

Teleoncology Web Patient Lobby

Text Link

Whether a patient is at home or in a facility, send them a text link to instantly do a telecardiology video visit with you. Allow quick connections for seniors, with 2 click simplicity to connect. 

Mobile Access

Have the ability to treat and answer calls from patients anywhere at any time. Have the power of our telecardiology platform right in your pocket. 

Telecardiology: The Stats and Facts

According to a survey by Everyday Health, 42% of people have had a virtual visit for their heart health, and: 

  • % of people who found their telehealth appointment to be a generally positive experience 92% 92%
  • % of people that found that telehealth has made receiving heart care easier 70% 70%
  • % of people who felt safer using telehealth than visiting their doctor in person 69% 69%
  • % of people who felt safer using telehealth than visiting their doctor in person 65% 65%

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