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Benefits of Virtual Care for Practice Groups

Virtual Care Benefits

Patients are demanding hybrid healthcare models. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve adapted to virtual learning, virtual work meetings, and virtual healthcare appointments.

Build a strategic plan and vision for virtual care visits, done right. Your physicians can benefit greatly from implementing a hybrid healthcare workflow. Accelerate ROI and adoption to start the year. 

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Benefits of Telehealth for Pediatrics


Benefits of Telehealth for Primary Care

Primary Care

Virtual Care For Pediatrics 

Pediatric doctors can connect with parents instantly, anytime, and anywhere. For quick appointments, such as sinus infections or colds, telehealth provides an unmatched convenience for patients. Without loading the car and driving into your office, parents can feel secure with instant virtual care.

Telehealth Increases Billable Revenue

Increase Billable Revenue

See a positive ROI in just 2 patients per month. As telehealth adoption grows, reduce office visits. Patients will be able to be seen beyond the four walls of your office.

Telehealth Patient and Physician Experience

Patient & Physician Experience

With our 100% browser-based telehealth platform, you can provide an unparalleled experience for both patients and physicians.

Telehealth Patient Convenience

Patient Convenience

Rising consumer demands for convenience due to services like Amazon, grocery delivery, and food delivery, have increased customer convenience across many verticals.

Telehealth Access To Care

Expand Your Reach

As more hospitals and practice groups close down in rural areas, these patients need care. Instant connections can happen anytime and anywhere.

Virtual Care for Revenue Growth

Telehealth Offers New Methods for Revenue Growth

With compounding waitlists and the growth of doctor shortages and rural areas, telehealth is a necessity to provide patients with the care that they need. The average wait time for new patient appointments in 15 large metro markets is just over 24 days. ​

Because of these doctor shortages and long patient wait times, this allows practice group physicians to increase their revenue with telehealth. Now, with insurance company adoption, here are some ways that telehealth can increase revenue.


Current Patient Growth Opportunities


New Market Revenue Opportunities


Employer, School, and Pharmacy Support


Expansion into rural areas, long term care, skilled nursing facilities


Referrals, After-Hours, Provider to Provider Billing

Primary Virtual Care 

Provide virtual care to your patients in the most simplistic way possible. With our telehealth solution, providers and patients can connect in just two clicks! We do all the work behind the scenes and make you look good with a white-labeled experience. With the ability to implement in just 24 hours, get started now.

Telehealth Value of Care

Value of Care

With multiple touchpoints without travel, you can reduce readmissions to hospitals. Proactive patient care via virtual video visits leads to healthy patients.

Telehealth New Patient Acquisition

Obtain New Patients

Telehealth is not just patient to provider! Consult with other clinicians across locations for the best possible outcomes.

Telehealth Provider Experience

Provider to Provider

Patients are not satisfied with the “status quo”. The competition is fierce, no longer defined by who’s down the street.

Telehealth Operational Efficiencies

Operational Efficiencies

Migrate unbillable phone conversations like provider to provider and after-hours to billable video telehealth.

Telehealth Drives Operational Efficiencies

Practice groups and specialty doctors with a strategic vision for virtual care can benefit greatly with strategic implementation to accelerate ROI and patient adoption.

Providing your patients with a new communication preference for certain appointment types can free up your waiting room for more high-value appointment types. Healthcare organizations can see telehealth efficiencies on average of 20% if implemented correctly throughout the virtual workflow

Virtual Care and Operational Efficiencies


Pre-Post Surgery Appointments


Appeal to younger demographic + professionals


Provide better provider work/life balance


Decrease no-show rates + implement waitlists


Increase availability for higher revenue appointments

  • Everything patient-facing is white labeled for your hospital. Add our HIPAA compliant video telehealth widget to your website in about 3 minutes. 

  • Best physician experience, with 2-click simplicity which will lead to minimized training (5-minutes or less) and the highest adoption rate.

  • Best patient experience, with 2-click simplicity which will allow you to reach the demographics most in need such as seniors, population health, SNF’s, and rural demographics.

Learn How It Works

  • No hardware, software, or medical carts required. The only 100% browser-based platform, allow both clinicians and patients to never had to download apps or plugins. Connect through video from computers, mobile devices, or a tablet. 

  • No EHR integration allowing your clinicians to chart the way they chart.

  • Average implementation time of 48 hours or less.