Telehealth for Seniors:

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Two-Click Connection –

Telehealth for Seniors Made Simple

Telehealth for seniors should be simple, 100% browser-based with the minimal clicks possible to connect. Our 100% browser-based video telehealth platform was designed to with this in mind for proactive access to care. With no app downloads, our telehealth platform is perfect for the senior population. User experience and simplicity are key when applying virtual care methods and we prioritize that when providing telehealth for seniors. With billable codes similar to in-person visits, get your long term care facility ahead of the curve. Take the first step in improving your patient care and patient satisfaction scores while improving your physician response time and experience.

Home Health


Virtual home health historically has been capital intrusive and hard to scale for in-home healthcare delivery. With our telehealth for seniors solution, we made it easier for you to connect with elderly patients, anytime and anywhere.

Being 100% browser-based, this allows you to see patients from a laptop, desktop, and even your mobile without having to download an app. A patient experience that is simple and easy for all to use. Connect your nurses and/or social workers to patients in real-time at home.

Telehealth Provider Experience

Provider Experience

Connect your medical director of the skilled nursing facility instantly through video with a patient in a change of condition situation. Reduce costs and reduce readmissions to emergency rooms while providing less windshield time for your physicians.

Telehealth Nurse Experience

Nurse Experience

We’ve built our telehealth platform with the nurse experience in mind. Easily train nurses in 3 minutes or less, you only need to learn 2 new clicks. You can conduct nurse to provider telehealth services with 2-click simplicity or our “text a link” functionality.

Telehealth Access To Care

Access to Care

Provide better access to your facility’s patients, whether in rural demographics or urban. Expand beyond driving distance with specialty doctors for your patients without transportation costs and increase the burden of operational headaches.


Caregiver Experience

Provide more proactive care for caregivers who have an increased role in their family members’ healthcare decisions. Reduce hospital readmissions and create more touchpoints with caregivers. Reduce caregiver anxiety and provide increased touchpoints with healthcare providers.

Innovate the Patient & Caregiver Experience with Telehealth for Seniors

Patients and caregivers have more options and are shopping more when it comes to their healthcare and living needs. Implementing telehealth for nursing homes or other facilities allows a competitive advantage for caregiver convenience. 


Value of Care

Create more interactions with a proactive care model without adding resources.


Competitive Advantage

Connect with more caregivers making decisions by providing convenience with care coordination and transport.


Revenue + Operational

With telehealth create billable events for your provider. Reduce operational efficiencies on average 20%. 


Increased Access

Expanded reach to providers since they do not have to drive to the home.

Learn How Telehealth for Seniors Drives Operational Efficiencies


Home health agencies with a strategic vision for virtual care can benefit greatly from telehealth services to increase patient outcomes and satisfaction. 

Learn more about how to increase availability for instant appointments and provide better work/life balance to providers and nursing staff.

Our telehealth for nursing home solution allows long term care, acute care, and nursing facilities to connect with facility staff. We built of telehealth solution to be the right choice for healthcare administrators. It’s easy to implement and scale, get started within minutes with an ROI seen in less than 30 days.  

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