Virtual Primary Care: Proactive Telehealth 

Patients Are Demanding, Virtual Primary Care

The primary care industry was one of the early adopters of telehealth for virtual primary care before the pandemic, however, it’s now demanded by patients when choosing a provider. With large consumer-based telehealth platforms partnering with insurance companies plus major retailers investing billions in this market, primary care practice groups cannot afford to not provide telehealth solutions to their patients to retain and acquire them. Virtual primary care allows physicians to optimize their workflows while allowing them to work across locations, whether that’s at home or in a clinic.

Critical Platform Features for Virtual Primary Care

A comprehensive virtual primary care platform goes beyond 1:1 reactive video calls. You must have critical features that allow for maximum reimbursements AND operational efficiencies. In addition, the platform has to be simple to connect for both the patients and providers (2-clicks or less).

Web Patient Lobby

Adding a white-labeled telehealth digital patient lobby to your website can be done in as little as 5 minutes without IT resources. This allows you to have a virtual primary care presence without investing millions in physical locations while servicing your current patients after-hours, weekends, or through a virtual clinic.

Custom Brand Colors

Configure your telehealth platform as if you built it yourself, with everything patient-facing fully branded, custom messaging, surveys, and colors.

Care Collaboration

Add caregivers, care managers, or nurses to the video calls. Mirror in-person workflows and handoffs with video call transfer, add a party both internally and externally.

Teleoncology Web Patient Lobby

Mobile Access

Providers can connect to our virtual primary care platform from anywhere and anytime with their mobile phone or tablet. Provide remote patient care at the palm of your hand wherever you go, and we’ll text you if someone is waiting in your digital queue.

Virtual Primary Care: The Stats and Facts

Sykes surveyed 2,000 adults in March 2020 and March 2021 about their telehealth attitudes and experiences, these are the results:

  • % of Americans that said they would prefer to have parts of their annual physical conducted via telehealth. 64.05% 64.05%
  • % of Americans that said telehealth has allowed them to visit their physician more often. 51.64% 51.64%
  • % of Americans that said their healthcare costs have decreased since using telehealth. 31.26% 31.26%


 Percent of individuals who DIDN’T believe they’d receive the same level of care from telehealth compared to in-person care PRIOR TO THE PANDEMIC.


 Percent of individuals who believe IT IS POSSIBLE to receive the same level of care from telehealth compared to in-person care NOW.

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