Telemental Health and

Telepsych Solutions


Provide Better Access to Care

Benefits of Telemental Health



Telemental health provides better access to rural, youth, and senior communities virtually.



Provide on-demand services for business relationships and referrals for new business.


Reduce No-Shows

Implement hybrid models to decrease lost billable revenue and reduce no-shows. 



Provide social workers with psychiatry video calls or telepsych evaluations virtually and instantly.

Telehealth Platform Features

for Mental Health


2 Click Simplicity

Allow patients to connect for their appointments right from your website in less than 2-clicks. Provide a white-labeled experience for anything patient-facing.

100% Browser Based

100% browser-based platform allows you to connect with patients anywhere from mobile, computer, or tablet. No need to have patients download mobile apps will enable you to serve seniors and population health effectively.

Patient Routing System

Our patient routing system allows you to skill your clinicians for on-demand crisis hotlines, referrals, peer-to-peer support, and much more.

Multi-Party Connect

Our top physician experience platforms allow you not to be tethered to a computer for the nephrologist on the go. Access the portal from your browser on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Receive text alerts when your patient enters the waiting room.

Watch the Telemental Platform Demo

Telemental Health Demo

Mental health services and mental health professionals need to adapt to reach patients that need access to patient care the most. Whether it’s substance abuse or mental health care, face-to-face video chat can happen through telehealth. Providing access to online therapy for your patients allow for better acquisition and retention efforts.

Our telemental health service allows you to stay within HIPAA compliance. With a 100% browser-based, we give you three ways to connect! Your patients can connect directly from your website via a web widget, a One Touch Text link sent via SMS text, or send them a Direct Connect link. Want to know how these features work? Schedule a personal demo that will give you insight into how and why our telehealth services platform was created.

Reduce Relapses and Readmissions

Mental health appointments have some of the highest        no- show rates in healthcare. Why is that? Is access to care too tricky? Do individuals feel shame for calling out of work or school? This is a problem that we know can be fixed through telebehavioral health appointments.

By giving mental health patients instant access to care, you can improve their quality of life. Life moves fast, and patients need to connect in an instant. With our 100% browser-based solution, your patients can do just that. We provide you with three ways to connect to reduce readmissions, relapse rates, and no shows.

How is Telehealth Used in Mental Health?

New Patient Consults

Increase conversion rates and schedule more consults with new patients to read emotions and mannerisms vs. phone consults.

Geographic Reach

Expand your geographical footprint to reach a larger patient pool while expanding to rural counties with limited resources for mental health providers.

Patient Convenience & Experience

Increase your patient experience and satisfaction with greater patient/family convenience. Especially in child mental health, which creates secondary factors for missing school and their parents missing work.

Retention/No Shows

Even your best patients are missing, on average, one appt/mo. While transportation, busy lives, and missed work account for other top reasons to miss appointments. Reduce the barriers with video mental health options. 

Video Crisis Support

Provide video mental health crisis supports to school districts, universities, employers, assisted living, and underserved communities/hospitals.

Telemental Health Benefits

With the US facing a mental health provider shortage, providers need to incorporate telehealth as a treatment channel. Patients prefer video chat! This reduces wait time, drive time, and adds to their patient experience.

Top Mental Health Practice Areas

CPT Appointments

Keep more appointments and have availability outside regular business hours.

Youth Mental Health

​​These demographics are video first calling demo. They are more comfortable than you with this experience. Offer this preferred method to parents, schools, and guardians.

Senior Mental Health

​Provide mental health to assisted/skilled nursing facilities in the comfort of their room. Break down the stigma walls and start a video conversation with the senior community.

Addiction and Substance Abuse

​Video support hotline for psych evaluations, admissions, and post-rehab peer to peer support. Hold group online therapy sessions.