Telehealth Solutions in Oncology

Top Benefits of Teleoncology

Oncologists and patients both have found benefit in teleoncology, everywhere it’s needed. 

Benefits of Telehealth for Home Health Blue

Home Care

With the number of seniors aging at home, managing patient communication  is a necessity.

Convenience In Telehealth for Oncology


Provide proactive teleoncology care virtually in between treatments for checkups reducing drive time and missing work. 

Reduce Windshield Time In Telehealth for Oncology

Reduce Windshield Time

Augment your clinician’s time to see patients hospitalized, in-center, or facility without travel.

Virtual Care In Telehealth For Oncology

Virtual Care

Increase billable revenue for after hours and weekends, while reducing patient hospitalizations.

TeleOncology Platform Features

Telehealth For Oncology Features Platform Features

Mobile Portal

Increase patient experience with our mobile portal. Clinicians can access all the functionalities of the One Touch Telehealth platform straight from their mobile phones. We give providers the ability to connect with a click of a button.

One Touch Text Link

Patients are looking for simplicity and ease. Our One Touch Text Link allows you to send an SMS text for instant connection. Upon clicking the link, patients can access their virtual appointment in seconds. Incorporate into your answering service workflows.

Multi-Party Connect

Join caregivers, clinicians, and patients virtually. With our multi-party connect feature, we give you the ability to add the necessary parties to the telehealth consult. Keep everyone in the loop on the patient’s cancer care plans and results.

In-Video Screen Share

Are you looking to provide cancer care education? During the video consults, share your screen to give patients information on treatment options, review results, and provide collaborative virtual care.

Teleoncology Platform Demo

Telehealth For Oncology Demo

Our goal at One Touch Telehealth is to provide oncologists with a top provider experience. It’s essential to give patients a way to connect in 2-clicks or less to have adoption across all demographics. With implementation time in less than 24-hours, get up and running quickly without any app downloads.

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Find out how you can add a teleoncology digital lobby on your  website in minutes. 

  • How to make patient care instant and straightforward.

  • Top tips for implementing a telehealth program

  • Use cases on how to provide proactive patient care while increasing billable revenue.

Schedule a demo today so that we can show you. Click. Click. Connect. Anytime, anywhere.

Cancer Care Convenience

with Teleoncology

Telehealth is here to stay. Patients are demanding it! After the rise of COVID, the benefits of teleoncology are apparent beyond keeping the most high-risk patients safe at home for routine office visits. It’s a necessity to provide this patient communication channel to patients with compromised immune systems. While some providers were against telehealth, they have since came around. The ease and convenience of virtual visits are a must.

A hybrid patient model is the future of healthcare. While cancer patients can’t do all medical treatment options from their home’s comfort, some appointment types can be transferred. From cost-effectiveness to staff efficiencies, it makes sense. Our focus on patient and provider experience is paramount. In providing successful proactive virtual care, telehealth has to be a part of the equation. It’s essential to have a telehealth platform to ensure patient access to care due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Are you providing a top physician experience? Ask yourself the following: ​

  • Can your physicians connect in real-time anywhere through the browser without having to download apps?

  • Can they connect from their home computer?

  • While being HIPAA compliant through security, can they connect from their phone, tablet, or desktop?

  • Can they connect from clinical rotations?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you need to implement telehealth services.

Learn How It Works


Telehealth vs. telemedicine, what’s the difference? The two terms mean something completely different. When you talk about telehealth, patients can connect from anywhere, even from the comfort of the home. It doesn’t have to be in a hospital connected to a telemedicine cart correctly.

The future of proactive care in healthcare is telehealth. It would be best if you thought about telehealth as a way to acquire and retain your patients.

It’s an innovative healthcare technology that allows you to service patients after hours and on weekends and get that billable revenue. This can expand your business beyond the physical four walls.