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What is Telepharmacy?


Telepharmacy is the counseling, training, or management of patient communications needs through video chat. This allows pharmacists to deepen relationships while providing more proactive care with patients, caregivers, and/or medical staff. 

Our video telepharmacy solution can be added to your pharmacy website in 2 minutes. With our 2-click simplicity, allow your customers to use their mobile device or computer to have a video consult with a pharmacist.

Learn More About Telehealth Features for Pharmacies


Learn more about how telepharmacy can improve patient experience and increase efficiency for you and your pharmacy technicians by 25% while reducing fatigue. Increase revenue with add-on services such as nutrition consults, medication therapy management, or adherence training which can all now be done virtually through one-to-one video conversations. Regardless of real estate space, we allow a channel of choice connectivity, with or without hardware. Whether in-store, around town, or at home. Let us show you how to transform your pharmacy from a transaction model to a wellness model.

Telehealth Provider Experience

Virtual Pharmacist Access

Patients are not satisfied with the “status quo”. The competition is fierce, no longer defined by who’s down the street.

Telehealth New Patient Acquisition

Expand Delivery Sites and Virtual Care

Reduce readmissions to hospitals. Proactive patient care via virtual video visits leads to healthy patients over time.

Telehealth Value of Care

Transaction to Wellness Model

Telehealth is not just patient to provider! Consult with other clinicians across locations for the best possible outcomes.

Telehealth Operational Efficiencies

Operational Efficiencies

Migrate unbillable phone conversations like provider to provider and after-hours to billable video telehealth.

Transforming Pharmacies From A Transactional Model to a Wellness Model

Pharmacist’s Care Delivery
  • Consults
  • Adherence Appointments
  • Video Telepharmacy
  • Immunization
Wellness Coaches
  • Chronic Conditions

  • Diabetes

  • Nutrition

  • Community Education

Proactive Care/Clinic
  • Exam/Education Room
  • Video Telehealth Kiosks
  • Remote Telepharmacists
  • Focus on Wellness Coaches
  • Education

  • Wellness Info

  • Product Advice

  • Medical Equipment

Telepharmacy Webinar

On-Demand Webinar 

  • Health care trends that are driving pharmacy and telehealth innovation

  • The move from a retroactive, fee-for-service to a proactive, value-based care model

  • Billable codes to provide reimbursement for services

  • The role of telepharmacy to extend services to home care and facility settings

  • Fatigue, burnout culture, and reducing windshield time

  • The future pharmacist-patient relationship in this new model

Our Telepharmacy Solution

One Touch Telehealth’s goal is to empower all community pharmacies to extend their care services, increase revenue, and retain consumer relationships. We aim to provide more of a work/life balance for your pharmacists with operational efficiencies leveraged by digital technology. All while still maintaining customer face to face relationships.

Telepharmacy Solutions

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