Telecardiology –

Proactive Telehealth

Proactive Patient Care

Why Telehealth for Cardiology


Patient-Centered Care

Provide more proactive care to your chronic care patients with cardiology telehealth.


Optimize Practice Workflow

Migrate non-lab and follow up appointment types to telehealth to free up the waiting room for higher revenue appointment types.

Telehealth Windshield Time Blue

Reduce Windshield Time

Reduce windshield and travel time servicing patients across facilities and home health.


Telehealth Reimbursement

Increase billable revenue with telecardiology for remote patient monitoring, supporting rural and senior communities.

Telehealth Platform Features

for Cardiology


One Touch Text Link

Enhance your after-hours and patient monitoring answering service process from an audio call to “the doctor will text you a telehealth link.” Increase billable revenue, on average, $150K a year per provider.

In-Video Screen Share

In-video calls can screen share to review test results or pre-surgical instructions with patients, referring providers, and caregivers.

Mobile Portal Access

Augment clinician rotations to see patients hospitalized, facilities, or at home. Take appointments anywhere with mobile portal access.

Multi-Party Connect

Increase referrals for telecardiology consult with internal medicine and primary care providers. Also, add external third parties to the telehealth call such as nurses, caregivers, and other providers.

Telehealth Platform Demo for Cardiologists 


Providing a top patient and physician experience is why we created One Touch Telehealth. Our 100% browser-based platform allows you to implement quickly and hit the ground running. No software or hardware is needed.

Add our telehealth web widget to your cardiology practice’s website in minutes, and you can start providing telehealth appointments today. Let us show you!

When working with chronic care populations, patient care needs to be instant and straightforward. Implementing a telehealth program allows you to provide proactive patient care while increasing billable revenue.

Want to learn more about our top telehealth features for cardiology? Schedule a demo today so that we can show you. Click. Click. Connect. Anytime, anywhere. Schedule Now

Telecardiology Appointments – Servicing Seniors in Home + Facilities


As we look at telehealth in cardiology, this is just the beginning. There are many applications for telecardiology.

In cardiology, we’ll be seeing a hybrid model to determine by appointment and patient type to make the best healthcare decisions. Providers should be able to create better work/life balance while providing better patient outcomes with telecardiology.

The patient relationship has changed over the last few years. Heart patients have more choices in providers, and the demand for convenience due to services like Amazon, grocery, and food delivery, has increased instant gratification across many verticals. With the growth of video telehealth by direct to consumer models patients are now comfortable with virtual visits.

If given a choice to see a provider they know through telehealth or a random provider, the selection is natural. The time to offer telehealth solutions is now. Patients are demanding it.

Three Lessons Learned for Simple Telehealth


Someone needs to be leading the charge for telehealth. Whether that’s a dedicated C-Level executive at a healthcare system or an administrator, you need a project owner.

Telehealth Lessons

Successful healthcare organizations utilized their internal IT folks to quickly train and be the first line of defense to help nurses, doctors, and clinicians.


You need to train physicians and clinicians before their appointment. Patients too! It would be best if you had your front desk staff training before your first telehealth appointment.

Live Telehealth Platform Demo

You have to be forward-thinking and have a true virtual care platform to communicate with clients in real-time. Don’t be tied down to physical locations. It would help if you gave patients and caregivers with communication choices. Want to learn more about our telehealth solution and all its features?

Schedule a live demo with our team. We will walk you through the ends and outs of the platform and the best features for telecardiology.