Welcome to the Executive Innovation Show Podcast, brought to you by One Touch Telehealth. During this podcast, host Carrie Chitsey talks with Tim Spooner. 

Tim Spooner is a CEO and Physical Therapist, a self-insured owner of Spooner Physical Therapy with 22 locations, and founder of Spooner MSD Solutions. Tim is on the front lines fighting for employers to receive the best care, at the best price for their employees. As both a buyer and provider of healthcare, Tim is in a unique position to understand the obstacles many employers face when it comes to medical overspend.

Listen to this episode of The Executive Innovation Show Podcast as we discuss: 

  • Overnight, healthcare executives had to detect and comprehend how to keep patients safe during this Coronavirus pandemic. From virtual payments to virtual care, the healthcare industry had to adapt. Tim Spooner describes their strategic moves across locations to keep patients out of the waiting room and ER. 

  • There are a lot of lessons learned from COVID and new gameplans to be strategized. In a post-COVID world, do we bring everything back within the four walls or do we continue with virtual care? Is telehealth physical therapy here to stay? What does Tim Spooner think? Listen to his answer here. 

  • Are seniors able to adapt to telehealth? Carrie Chitsey and Tim Spooner provide examples of the positive outcomes they’ve seen within the senior community and virtual health. 

  • What is a musculoskeletal disorder and did you know that it affects four out of five people that are walking around every day? Tim Spooner details how they are working to care for patients before they need surgery. 

  • While MSD patients are normally perceived as seniors or blue-collar workers, this is not always the case. What shifts are being seen between the younger and older generations regarding treatment?

  • 85% to 90% of musculoskeletal disorders can be treated with conservative care, but why aren’t they? At times, patients can delay treatment until it becomes worse – leading to the prescription of opioids and possibly addiction. Can we stop some of the trickle effects of opioid addiction with proactive physical therapy and telehealth physical therapy? 

  • As always we ask, what is keeping Tim Spooner up at night? Find out by listening to the podcast. 

Learn more about how Tim Spooner and Spooner Physical Therapy help people achieve health through movement here. 

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