In this episode of The Executive Innovation Show Podcast, Carrie Chitsey speaks with Eugene Khazin, the Founder of Prime TSR, & Nathan Pelzer, Founder and CEO of Clinify.

Founded by Eugene, Prime TSR is a digital transformation consultancy. Prime TSR is Eugene’s fourth company. Eugene’s background is in technology, particularly in Big Data, which provides lots of opportunities for driving innovation across all his ventures. Eugene is also a mentor at the University of Chicago’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship, where he met Nate.

Nathan has over 15 years of experience working in various corporate strategy roles and prior to founding Clinify was the Head of Strategy for a national primary care provider organization located in Chicago. Nathan has an undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from the University of Chicago – Booth School of Business.


Listen in as they talk on topics such as: 

  • Predictive analytics in healthcare using big data is becoming a more common practice with hospitals, as it should. Nathan Pelzer talks about some of the new and innovative things happening with remote monitoring and care plans based on data. We walk through the role of data in healthcare and how it can help to be proactive for patient care, identifying high-risk patients, and more. Eugene Khan explains where Prime TSR pulls the data from to create actionable models for patients. 

  • With data coming from multiple sources such as EHR’s, remote monitoring devices, and more – keeping the uniformity of the data is critical. Eugene walks us through how they handle various sources of healthcare data and make it usable. 

  • Hear Carrie and Eugene discuss the adoption rate of cloud hosting among healthcare organizations and hospitals. What percent of hospitals are using the cloud in some way? Although the cloud offers better security and other proactive features, we discuss why the adoption rate has been slow. What is the current consensus of the cloud among healthcare professionals? 

  • Taking a look at population health, for underserved communities and those who need chronic care, there is a strong need for proactive healthcare. As baby boomers continue to age at home, where are the biggest opportunities in healthcare? Nathan explains how are hospitals and managed care organizations are using data to close the loop and become more proactive. 

  • Medicare and Medicaid patients are often using the emergency department as primary care. Carrie and Nathan speak about the innovative initiatives some healthcare organizations are making to become more proactive based on data. How are they closing the last mile in health? Hear what Blue Cross does to offer patients nutrition in areas that do not have healthy eating options. 

  • As we have long term facilities, skilled nursing, the rise in home health and all these data sources, what are some tips for organizations for what they should be thinking about when trying to gather data from all these different sources, where should they start? 

  • Listen as both Nathan and Eugene speak to the things they see in the future of data in healthcare. How will we see the cloud, AI and Telehealth become more robust in the next three to five years? Hear their predictions.


Keep up with both Prime TSR and Clinify Health as they work to reshape proactive healthcare with data.

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