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One Touch Telehealth is a leader in educating physicians, administrators and healthcare IT professionals on the wonders of telehealth and telemedicine. Learn more about the benefits of telehealth and the ways the healthcare industry is using this technology to advance care in our telehealth blog. We deliver need-to-know information that will help you understand this new healthcare technology to a greater degree. Telehealth is an expanding industry that spans over a variety of practices from teledermatology to telepsychiatry. We’re here to keep you up to date and informed on:

  • health systems

  • telemedicine solutions

  • access to healthcare

  • telebehavioral health 

  • digital health
  • tips for implementation
  • any and all the trends surrounding health technology

Stay in tune with our telehealth blog to discover new advancements, the pros and cons of telemedicine, and more.

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Telehealth Benefits: What Patients Want, Now!

Telehealth Benefits: What Patients Want, Now!

In the year 2020, we can do nearly everything through the use of technology. For starters, we’re able to look up information with a simple search, go shopping, and have easy access to healthcare from anywhere via our cell phones and laptops. As COVID-19 rages on, it’s...

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